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Vispring Coronet Luxury Mattress


Experience first-hand the quality of a luxury mattress, surrounded by the finest of materials, with the Vispring Coronet.

Platinum certified British fleece wool provides this mattress with an excellent and springy loft. The springs are nested in a generous layer inside each bed. For example, the King size mattress contains 2058 springs. 

Vispring has been crafting beds by hand since 1901. Each Vispring mattress is hand-tufted to hold ample amounts of filling in place. Vispring makes each bed to order. The beds are personalized to fit your body type and can feature unique support for each position. Extensive choices of headboards are available also. The manufacturing process uses no chemical flame retardants, as wool is a natural fire retardant.

Once you invest in one of these luxurious mattresses made with the utmost of comfort in mind, you will enjoy an unparralelled level of sleep quality.

Experience a better night of sleeping with the Coronet Vispring mattress!