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Vispring Tiara Superb Luxury Mattress


We sleep away about one-third of our lives.  While we sleep, our immune system repairs and provides for the day ahead. Using all-natural materials enables your immune system to rest - a deep and healthy rest - as you dream so you can awaken refreshed and ready for your day!

It makes sense to invest in the healthiest and most natural materials possible. The Tiara Superb begins with two layers of pocket springs cushioned with Platinum Certified real Shetland wool for springy loft and superior support. Organic cotton and fine horsehair which is hand-teased for superior loft are wrapped in top quality ticking.  These materials combine to create a mattress which regulates temperature, is hypo-allergenic, and is comfortable beyond anything you've ever experienced. Vispring used no chemical flame retardants as wool is a natural fire inhibitor.

Vispring has been handmaking beds since 1901. Mattresses are hand tufted so they can hold the most generous amounts of filling in place.  Vispring beds are built to order and crafted by hand to fit your body type and can add customized support for each bedside.  Handles are incorporated on each mattress because each Vispring mattress is a two-sided and flippable for a long life.

Vispring mattresses come with a lifetime guarantee.

Extensive selection of headboards are available. 

When you invest in one of these luxurious handcrafted mattresses made with the utmost of comfort in mind, you will experience a level of sleep quality sure to please.